Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Introduction to Conspiracy Cinema, the blog

In May of 2012, my book Conspiracy Cinema: Propaganda, Politics, and Paranoia was released by Headpress.  The writing and research process began in late 2009, and the path from an idea in my head to an actual, physical book in my hands was an exciting, occasionally stressful, but very rewarding journey. I am very pleased with how the book turned out, and thankful for the support and encouragement I received from my publishers, my wife, my family, and my colleagues. 

My first thoughts after seeing the finished product were mixed, however.  I felt that there was more to say on this topic, a suspicion that led me back into the world of Conspiracy Cinema not soon after I had left it.  The release of Conspiracy Cinema coincided with a boom period in the genre where new films were being released almost daily.  The pace has slowed considerably since then, but those filmmakers who have continued working in the genre have released works that compare favorably -- and sometimes outshine -- those that I have previously considered to be the best the genre had to offer.

I felt these works deserved the same attention I had given to their forerunners and decided that a blog was the best format for this.  The ability to provide a truly multimedia experience as well as direct links to the works themselves in many cases presented me with a unique opportunity to create an interactive resource for other researchers and the simply curious.  Additionally, this format allows me a wider focus than the narrow confines of a single-volume book, and will allow me to expand the analysis to conspiracy books (I have a backlog of several dozen titles awaiting review) and even to comment on the wealth of conspiracism and research available on the Internet.  Finally, this venue will allow me a place to present my own research and commentary on various para-political and metaphysical topics.

Conspiracy Cinema will be updated at least once a week with new reviews, news articles on current events, and/or commentary. 

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