Thursday, October 10, 2013

Agents Provocateur and the Police State

The news media has played the New York City SUV/biker attack on constant loop since September 29th, ensuring that the American public was visually assaulted to the same degree as the physical assault sustained by the unfortunate victim.  Modern news has become more about inflicting pain than imparting information, so it should come as no surprise that there have been few, if any, follow up stories on this event.  One aspect of the crime in particular has been purposefully ignored:

Off-duty officer 'terrorized' family as SUV driver was beaten

One of the bikers involved in the attack was an (allegedly) off-duty New York City police officer.  Wojciech Brasczok was not merely present for the assault, but reportedly "shattered the rear window" and "kicked in the passenger's side door."  Kudos to for actually publishing an article pointing this out, however there is a pretty important detail about Mr. Brasczok that they've left out: he's a police intelligence agent.

To be more specific, it is Mr. Brasczok's job to infiltrate subversive groups, gain their confidence, and report their plans and activities to authorities.  Mr. Brasczok was more than just a spy, however, he was an agent provocateur.  Despite the rather small section on the US on Disinfo-pedia.....I mean Wikipedia....American law enforcement and intelligence agencies have a long history of using agents provocateur to accomplish their goals.  Most recently, Brasczok was tasked with infiltrating the Occupy movement.  More articles detailing Brasczok's involvement with the Occupy movement can be found here and here.  

So clearly, Brasczok wasn't punching the clock in his dress blues everyday, so how can we be so sure that he was "off-duty" at the time of the assault?  He was arrested on more than one occasion while working undercover in Occupy.  See below:

The two men putting Brasczok in cuffs are his co-workers.  Think about that for a second and then consider the alleged legal trouble he's in now.  The arrest depicted above was used to help Brasczok -- who went by the name "Al Brazok" -- establish his cover as a political radical.  Per Occupy organizers interviewed by the Daily Mail, "Al" was very keen on knowing everyone's names and ages and, after having become fully integrated into Occupy, encouraged the group to violate laws. 

Encouraging others to break the law is the agent provocateur's primary job.  Blogger and radio host Hal Turner regularly encouraged his fans to use violence against minorities and political figures.  Turner is best known for the phrase, "I don't make bombs....I make bombers!" in reference to the Oklahoma City bombing.  It was later revealed that Turner was working with the FBI. The riots at the 2004 and 2008 party conventions were instigated by undercover police.  The COINTELPRO program of the 60s and 70s saw the FBI and CIA infiltrating political radicals on the right and left and committing crimes on behalf of both sides of the spectrum. 

I certainly don't think that the attack on the Lien family was a political conspiracy, however the exposure of Brasczok is an important event.  The use of agents provocateur is not something that was done only in the past.  It is an ongoing practice by law enforcement to harass and spy on law abiding citizens; people whose only crime is expressing themselves and using the rights granted to them by the Constitution.  Brasczok is not an anomaly.  He is but one of an untold number of individuals tasked with gaining HUMINT (human intelligence) to complement the government's total digital surveillance. 

On that note: the Virginia Police Department has been scanning license plates at political rallies.  Keep in mind that as with the incident above, the VA cops aren't doing anything that isn't going on everywhere else, they just got caught. 

Miriam Carey had some interesting things in her car.  Specifically, she had her passport, several IDs, foreign currency, and an uncashed check for around $1800.  As yet, the big questions about what kind of foreign currency and an uncashed check from whom haven't been answered, but the police have said that the contents did not give them any hints as to motive. 

Also, as you can see in this video, the cops were well aware that there was a child in the car and most likely could see that she wasn't armed.