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The Web: Serial Killers, Mexico, Alabama, Larry Flynt, & JFK50

Both the mainstream and alternative media are currently abuzz with the JFK50 anniversary.  There is another story that has piqued my interest, however, and it has some curious synchronicities with other November events and my own life.

Judge orders stay in the execution of Joseph Paul Franklin.
Joseph Paul Franklin executed after delay.

Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin was on death row in Missouri for a 1977 shooting outside of a Missouri synagogue.  Franklin was best known for his attempted assassination of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in 1978 and the attempted assassination of civil rights activist and future Clinton associate Vernon Jordan Jr.  It is important to note that Franklin confessed to both crimes after having been convicted and sentenced to death.  Franklin confessed to over 20 murders in the late seventies, all committed in accordance with his White Supremacist views.  Franklin targeted African-Americans and Jews in his crimes, particularly focusing on interracial couples.  Born James Clayton Vaughn, Jr. in 1950, Franklin has the distinction of being one of the only serial killers from my home state, Alabama.

The stay in Franklin's execution was due a controversy surrounding what drugs may or may not be used for lethal injection, but his reprieve, brief though it may was, immediately reminded me of the pardoning of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.  Lucas, like Franklin, racked up most of his body count behind bars, confessing to a myriad of unsolved crimes across the nation.  Lucas confessed to over 600 murders, although this is disputed, and had the distinction of being the first person pardoned in the state of Texas since the re-institution of the death penalty in 1982 and the only person pardoned by governor George W. Bush.  The full, bizarre story of Lucas is best summarized by Dave McGowan in his essay "There's Something about Henry."

Lucas' most controversial claim was that he was a member of "The Hand of Death," a satanic paramilitary organization.  It was Lucas' assertion that this group operated out of Florida, Texas, and Mexico, and he was responsible for performing hits and child abductions for the group.  Lucas' Hand of Death has been dismissed by law enforcement as a fantasy, but it is important to note that it hasn't been disproven and, to date, no one has fully investigated his claims.  One specific claim made by Lucas was that he delivered the poison to Jonestown, Guyana for the mass suicide, the 35 anniversary of which was earlier this week.  This claim is most likely specious, since it is documented that Jonestown already had a large supply of drugs and that most of the deceased had not committed suicide but been murdered.

Was there really a "Hand of Death?"  Journalist Maury Terry uncovered the existence of a nation-wide organization responsible for the Son of Sam murders in his book, The Ultimate Evil.  Like the Hand of Death, this group was loosely satanic and performed hits related to organized crime.  The original edition of Ed Sanders' The Family connected the Manson slayings to organized crime and other, loosely satanic groups.  Communion author Whitley Streiber states in his book, The Secret School, that as a boy he was taken to a "secret school" in Mexico where he believes his later alien visitations were implanted in his memory.  Lastly, when Florida police detained two men on suspicion of child abduction (the "Finders" case), the children told the authorities they were on their way to "special school in Mexico." 

Oswald's trip to Mexico:
Lee Harvey Oswald traveled to Mexico via bus in September 1963.  This fact isn't disputed by anyone; however, almost every other detail of this trip is controversial.  "Lee Harvey Oswald" was seen in various places around Texas while he was alleged to have been on this trip and, as I've gone over in an earlier post, the "Lee Harvey Oswald" that visited the Soviet and Cuban embassies was clearly another person. 

The Mexico trip is an important event for many conspiracy researchers, and there are several well-written books solely on the topic.  It was also important enough for the FBI and the Warren Commission to spend considerable man hours finding out every detail they could.  I'd like to focus on a singular aspect of this event today.  Specifically the man seated next to Oswald on the bus from New Orleans to Mexico and referred to by other passengers as "the Englishman": John Howard Bowen aka Albert Osborne.

Much of the FBI's energies regarding the Mexico trip were devoted to finding and interviewing Mr. Bowen, an itinerant Baptist preacher who was eventually found in (again) Alabama.  The Birmingham field office first interviewed Bowen on 02/08/64, which is in CE2443, Vol XXV, Page 571.  Bowen gives what amounts to his life history and he makes three important statements: 1) that he could not positively identify the man seated next to him as Oswald, 2) that he was American by birth, and 3) that he knew "Albert Osborne from Canada" and agreed that he resembled the man.  Bowen claimed that Osborne, too, was an itinerant Baptist minister working in the same area, and mix-up about their identities was due to Bowen using Osborne's identification papers once after his were lost.  Bowen even offered up photos of "Osborne" that he (Bowen) had taken. 

All of these things were lies.

In CE2195, the Dallas field office summarizes the Bowen/Osborne enigma.  The same man had been interviewed by different offices under both names: as Osborne in January and as Bowen in February.  Each claimed not to be the other man but over the course of CE2195, the FBI lays out the evidence proving that Bowen and Osborne were one and the same.  Dozens of people were interviewed, all of whom either knew the man as Bowen or Osborne but the story was the same: he was a traveling preacher.

Through the Garrison investigation, much more was learned about Osborne.  His missionary work was actually a cover: Osborne was an espionage agent who had used a variety of aliases.  More specifically, Osborne ran an assassination school in Mexico.  Osborne, whose pro-Nazi views drew the attention of the FBI in 1942, was reportedly a career spy who offered training in clandestine murder to American and foreign intelligence agencies. 

The bizarre story of Osborne/Bowen sheds light on many things:
  1. The involvement of extreme right-wing/fascist elements in the Kennedy assassination.
  2. Intelligence agency involvement with Oswald prior to the assassination.
  3. The existence of a nefarious "secret school" in Mexico.
Franklin & Flynt
Fast-forward to 1977.  Joseph Paul Franklin, inspired by his white supramicist beliefs and what he believes to be "the will of God," begins his campaign of violence against minorities. On March 6, 1978, Larry Flynt was shot with a .44 caliber rifle in Lawrenceville, GA.  Franklin would later confess to the crime, stating he did it because Flynt's Hustler had recently printed a pictorial featuring an interracial couple. 

Is that really the case?  Was there another reason to shoot Larry Flynt?

One possible reason emerges from a little-known incident in Flynt's history; one not talked about much by his supporters, his detractors, or in The People vs Larry Flynt.  In December 1977, Flynt purchased the LA Free Press, an alternative California newspaper.  Flynt wasted little time putting his own spin on the magazine but perhaps not in the way you might think:

The entire issue -- published two weeks before he was shot --  was dedicated to evidence that the CIA was behind the JFK assassination.  On the back cover was Flynt's offer of $1 million dollars to anyone with new evidence in the case:
The ad and the offer would be reprinted in mainstream newspapers where Flynt had paid for advertisement. 
The close timing between Flynt's sudden interest in conspiracy theories and his shooting lead many to question the motives.  The observant among you will notice that Flynt was shot in Lawrenceville, GA, which was the home district of Congressman Larry McDonald, who was also head of the ultra-right wing John Birch Society.  As we've seen in previous posts, the JBS is near the top of the list of suspects in the Kennedy assassination and has intelligence ties. 
It bears noting that Flynt didn't learn his lesson.  Conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell contacted Flynt in 1983 to inform him of the links between the recently-deceased Larry McDonald and his shooting.  Flynt dove into Brussell's research with both feet and quickly started The Rebel, a conspiracy themed magazine featuring Brusell's seminal article, The Nazi Connections to the John F. Kennedy AssassinationSoon after the magazine's publication, Flynt found himself surrounded by a host of characters with intelligence ties: Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy, intelligence agent and possible "Second Oswald" Gordon Novel, and OSS-man and mercenary Mitchell WerBell II.  [Just to bring everything full circle: WerBell actually did run a well-known assassination school in southern Georgia and testified in the trial of the murder of producer Roy Radin, which Maury Terry alleges was committed by the same satanic cult behind the Son of Sam murders.]  This tumultuous period in Flynt's life ended with him in a sanitarium, fighting for the company he had built himself.  His interest in conspiracies ended after he re-emerged. 
It was while Flynt was tucked away in an asylum that Franklin confessed to shooting him.  Franklin was never a suspect, and the source of most of his 20+ body count is Franklin himself.  While in prison he has busied himself confessing to all sorts of crimes, most of which he was never charged with because he was unable to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the crime to convince authorities he was responsible. 
Franklin was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic by Dr. Dorothy Lewis, who felt that he was unfit to stand trial.  However little time has been spent investigating whether or not he actually committed these crimes or was simply taking the rap for someone else.  For what it's worth, Don Black stated on his white supremacist website this week that he had met Franklin in the late-sixties/early-seventies and that the white supremacist groups (the KKK, the Nazi Party) disassociated themselves with him then because of his erratic behavior.  Interesting tidbit: Black (also from Alabama) was part of Operation Red Dog, a plot to overthrow the island of Dominica and establish an all-white nation.  I shouldn't even have to say this at this point, but Operation Red Dog had ties to American intelligence agencies and the mercenary circles that Mitch WerBell ran in. 
Did Franklin really shoot Flynt?  It's possible.  The shooting was similar to the crimes Franklin was known to have committed.  His motive is questionable (Flynt had published interracial couples before) and the timing of Flynt's JFK ad is too curious to immediately dismiss, especially given future events. 
Franklin's reign of (alleged) terror ended in August, 1980.  Just a few short months later, another aimless drifter who was a member of the American Nazi Party would rise to national attention after shooting a public figure: John Hinckley, Jr.
More on that later.

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News Updates and JFK50 part 4: the Chicago Plot

Not to be outdone by the BBC article I discussed in an earlier post, the New York Times wants to know "Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories."  They're off to a good start with the title, which points out that conspiracy theories and rational thought don't go together.  The author waits a full four sentences before using the "C" word, which is a remarkable show of restraint.  WhoWhatWhy does an excellent job taking apart the article, which never bothers to mention the any of the conspiracies that have turned out to be true.  It mentions the Tuskegee syphilis study in passing, only to say African-Americans are wrong to think that the government would ever experiment on them without their knowledge.  It's exactly this type of doublespeak that fills any reporting on conspiracy theories: "Here's a hundred reasons not to trust the government, but you're crazy if you don't."

Hastings death:
Michael Hastings' brother Jonathan speaks out against conspiracy theories.
Just as it was odd that his widow acted chipper and cheerful on CNN only a few days after his death, it seems odd that the other Mr. Hastings would be so concerned regarding what people think about his brother's death.  Quote: "There were a lot of journalists-in-quotes who didn’t seem to have read it [the police report] very carefully or were, irresponsibly I think, taking things out of context." J. Hastings is referring to the police report I mentioned back in August, the one that said drugs did not play a role in his death.  What's interesting about J. Hastings' interview is that he seems to position himself as the prime suspect to be the "unnamed male" who informed the police about Hastings' drug use in the report. 

Oh and then there's this: Radio beam device can disable car and boat engines from 50 meters.  It's even small enough to fit in a pickup truck bed.  The article states there are plans to mount versions of the device on helicopters, which is pretty much an admission that they've already done it.

Barrett Brown:
Barrett Brown is still in prison and facing a 100 year sentence for posting a link.  No, this news update isn't to tell you he got out, but that his mom got 6 months probation for helping him hide laptops from the FBI.  The government is certainly going out of their way to make an example out of Brown, probably because they can't get their hands on Edward Snowden.

Police State:
Motorola has patented a pill that turns your body into a password.  If that's not creepy enough, they also want to give you a neck tattoo that turns your body into a cell-receiver.  I'll bet you that's how they'll market it, but it will also "capture vibrations, or sound, directly from a user's throat," thus making it possible for the NSA -- who already listens to everything you do on your cellphone -- to hear everything you say.  But wait it gets worse: it also measures "galvanic skin response" which is a fancy way of saying it is a lie-detector too. 

Secretary of State John Kerry has "serious doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone."

But he thinks the Warren Commission didn't look enough into Cuba and Russia.  Because of course he does.  Articles on the interview go into the fact that the Warren Commission didn't delve into the Cuban and Russian aspects of the investigation, but fails to mention that there weren't any to go into.  These articles also fail to mention that Sec. Kerry is just carrying on a family tradition: He's directly related to Michael and Ruth Paine, who housed Marina during the period around the assassination.    The Paines provided most of the evidence against Oswald, most of it conforming to the "Communist sympathizer" theory that was so weak that the Warren Commission choose to largely ignore it.  The Paines' garage was searched on 11/22 (1, 2) and again on 11/23 (1).  It would be during the second search that they found a copy of the Communist newspaper The Worker and the infamous photo of Oswald holding the rifle.  Why they didn't find them in the first search is unknown as it seems odd that three police detectives would miss a blue suitcase.  During his interrogation, Oswald directed them on multiple occasions to search the Paines' garage. 

It isn't too presumptuous to assume that the police didn't find these things on Friday because they weren't there.  Between Friday night and Saturday morning, the Paines and the Oswalds weren't the only people at the house on 5th Street in Irving.  Sometime after 9PM, two reporters from Life Magazine arrived (Vol III, pg 83).  The two men returned the following morning, and took Marina and Marguerite Oswald into Dallas.  According to Marguerite Oswald, Marina's interpreter would "whisper to Life Magazine," but not tell Marguerite what was being said. 

It is important to note that Time/Life Magazine plays a very important role in the Kennedy Assassination.  As I've noted before, they are the ones who published the Oswald rifle photograph and admitted to making changes to it.  They also purchased the Zapruder Film on Saturday morning, later publishing the frames out of order.  Time/Life Magazine is a "gatekeeper" of information on assassinations.  Case in point: Time reporter Robert Kaiser was allowed to spend over 200 hours with Sirhan Sirhan, including being present when he was interviewed by psychatrists and put under hypnosis.  This is considerably more time than his attorneys or family was allowed to see him, and the fact that a reporter was allowed to sit in on psychiatric evaluations was and is unprecedented. Kaiser was working as an "assistant" to Sirhan's defense team, who -- like Kaiser -- readily assumed Sirhan's guilt.  Kaiser's book  RFK Must Die! is the bedrock of the "mind controlled assassin" theory, which is a distraction to the wealth of physical evidence that RFK was killed from behind instead of in front where Sirhan was standing. 

The Chicago Plot:
There is evidence that JFK was to be assassinated in Chicago on 11/2/63 while attending the Army-Navy college football game.  The FBI alerted the Secret Service about the plot and the trip was cancelled.  This incident was curiously never brought up during the Warren Commission hearings, but not because no one wanted to talk about it.  Abraham Bolden, the first African-American Secret Service agent charged with guarding the President, most certainly did want to talk about it, but was jailed for accepting bribes after he contacted Commission attorneys about testifying.  Bolden was eventually freed after the convicted criminal who testified against him admitted to perjury after being instructed to lie by the prosecution.  Don't tell the New York Times, but that kinda sounds like a conspiracy to me.

The details of the Chicago Plot are eerily reminiscent of Dallas:

  1. Thomas Arthur Vallee (shown above) was arrested and charged with plotting to kill Kennedy.  Vallee was a right-wing extremist with a sizable cache of weapons.
  2. Vallee and Oswald were extremely similar to one another: both were former Marines, both had been stationed at bases from which the U-2 planes were tested, and both had been involved in training anti-Castro Cubans. 
  3. There is some evidence that Vallee was a "patsy" of sorts; the original tip to the FBI stated it was a four-man plot.  Vallee would be the only arrest.
  4. The man who arrested Vallee, Dan Groth, was a Chicago Police Officer with alleged intellegence ties.  On 12/4/69, black activist and Black Panther Fred Hampton was assassinated by the Chicago PD working in conjunction with the FBI as part of their COINTELPRO program.   That this was an assassination is a fact, not conspiracy theory, because the US Circuit Court of Appeals awarded Hampton's family $1.85M in damages, some of which Groth was responsible for paying.
  5. Just to make things sufficiently weird: the plot was foiled by an anonymous tipster named "Lee."
Vallee would later tell investigators that he was just a convenient distraction because his anti-Kennedy views made it believable that he would threaten the president.  He admitted to owning a rifle and several thousand rounds of ammunition, but denied making any direct threats against Kennedy.  The Chicago plot and later ones in New Orleans (11/17) and Tampa (11/18) were all "foiled" by combinations of the FBI, Secret Service, or local police, but it bears noting that there seemed to be no such efforts made in Dallas. 

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Welcome Mr. Kennedy to Dallas... (JFK50 part 3)

On November 22, 1963, the ad shown above ran in the Dallas Morning News.  The ad consists of a list of questions for the president on his foreign policy decisions, and the opening blurb states that Kennedy has "largely ignored" the Constitution.  I won't go into a lengthy digression on international relations in the early sixties, but the not-so-subtle implication of the ad was that Kennedy's foreign policy was harmful to American and, in the opinions of the authors, showed Communist leanings.

The ad was purchased by "The American Fact-Finding Committee," a group that didn't actually exist.  The man listed as chairman, Bernard Weissman, wasn't the chairman of anything, much less a fictional committee.  Mr. Weissman does play an important role in the story of the Kennedy assassination, however, and it is one that is largely overlooked today as it was by the Warren Commission. 

Dallas in 1963:

To say that Dallas was far-far-right in 1963 is such an understatement that it almost qualifies as a lie.  Dallas was the top destination for the ultra-conservatives, the neo-fascists, and actual, honest-to-goodness former Nazis.  To give you an idea of the political climate: UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson was heckled and physically assaulted in Dallas approximately one month before the Kennedy assassination.  The John Birch Society played a role in the incident, and was perhaps stronger in Dallas than anywhere else in the US at the time.  Read this article concerning a 1961 JBS meeting in Dallas and note that the crowd wasn't a politically ignorant rabble, but "the mink-and-ermine crowd."  Scroll down from the linked article to see a piece on General Edwin Walker getting in trouble for distributing JBS literature abroad.  General Walker would continue to butt heads with the Kennedy administration until he was ultimately dismissed, just in time to come home to Dallas and organize the attack on Stevenson via a coalition of the JBS, the Minutemen, and the National Indignation Convention, the latter having been formed by conservatives who felt the JBS was too liberal.

It is with the National Indignation Convention (NIC) that Bernard Weissman comes back into the story.  Weissman's testimony before the Warren Commission begins in Vol V, page 487 and is worth reading in its entirety.  Weissman was a former soldier under the aforementioned General Walker in Munich, where, along with a few of his fellow soldiers, he had formed a group known as Conservatism USA, or CUSA.  Weissman was a low man on the totem pole of the group, and "Bernie" just took orders from Larrie Schmidt.  Schmidt had moved to Dallas after his discharge, and he had big plans for himself and CUSA.  Larrie's plan is detailed by Weissman starting on page 497, but the short version is that CUSA (via Schmidt) was to infiltrate all right-wing political groups, rising up in the ranks, and eventually merging them with CUSA, making it the dominant organization.  Schmidt started with NIC, and was successful.  Schmidt's letters to Weissman detail his progress, and can be found in Vol XVIII beginning on page 836.  Here are some choice exerpts:

"Arrangements are being made for me to meet the heads of the Dallas John Birch, General Walker, and H.L. Hunt, Texas oil millionaire."
"I have already met the top editors of the Dallas Morning News, the country's most conservative newspaper."
"The meeting was at the home of Dr. Robert Morris, President of the Defenders of American Liberty...Present were Mr. George Ward, Detective for Dallas City Police, Mr. Ken Thompson, editorial writer for the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Clyde Moore, former PR man for H.L. Hunt, former UPI writer. (Eight others)."

It was in the meeting detailed above -- attended by members of Dallas' ultra-right and ultra-rich -- that it was suggested that CUSA merge with CIA Agent William F Buckley's Young Americans for Freedom.  Schmidt did exactly that, and instructed Bernie to change all their documentation from CUSA to YAF.

Weissman eventually joined Schmidt in Dallas.  The first order of business for the pair and their cohorts was the placement of the infamous "Welcome Mr. Kennedy" ad.  Hale Boggs asked Weissman who paid for the ad, to which Weissman replied that he knew who he picked the money up from (the John Birch Society), but he was unsure who had actually put up the $1,462, a hefty sum in 1963.  Warren Commission lawyers choose not to delve too deeply into the subject, but Weissman eventually relents to the point that the ad was composed and paid for entirely by the JBS, specifically the oil-rich backers of the JBS.  A few well-known names are thrown around, but as soon as Weissman begins to speculate, one of the two remaining Commission members decides to leave the room.  After the fact, "Bernie" finally realized that his name was placed on the ad because he was Jewish, thus drawing attention away from the notoriously anti-Semitic John Birch Society. 

In fact, the entire incident appears to be a giant misdirection play.  The FBI spent considerable man hours tracking Weissman and his fictional commission down, and there was a strong belief in the initial days after the assassination that the "American Fact-Finding Committee" played some role in JFK's murder. 


By the time Weissman and Schmidt arrived on the scene and began mingling in the world of anti-Communists and oil men, Lee Harvey Oswald was already firmly entrenched in it.  Oswald's reported "best friend" after returning to Dallas/Fort Worth was George de Mohrenschildt, a White Russian petroleum engineer who travelled in the same lofty circles of wealthy oilmen that Larrie Schmidt was worming his way into.  De Mohrenschildt introduced the Oswalds to the tightly-knit White Russian community in Dallas.  Lee, who had defected to Communist Russia less than a decade ago and was allegedly still a Communist, had no problems fitting in with what was one of the most stridently anti-Communist groups in the US.  De Mohrenschildt had been previously investigated by the FBI under suspicion of being a Nazi spy during WWII and had been rejected by the OSS for this reason. De Mohrenschildt gives the longest testimony to the Warren Commission in Vol IX, but no members of the actual Warren Commission itself bothered to attend. 

If Oswald's friendship with the wealthy and worldly de Mohrenshildt wasn't strange enough, consider his relationship with the Paines.  Marina Oswald lived with Michael and Ruth Paine during the period before the assassination, and it was in the Paine's garage that most of the physical evidence against Oswald was obtained -- without a warrant, it should be noted.  The Paines were a part of the ultra-wealthy Cabot-Forbes (as in the magazine) family from the northeast.  Michael was a third-generation Harvard alum, and both he and Ruth were related to members of the OSS and CIA.  This fact goes a long way to explaining their treatment during their respective testimonies -- former OSS/CIA director Allen Dulles made sure to steer the questions away from anything that would reveal the truth about either.  Michael Paine worked at Bell Aerospace working on Department of Defense contracts with a top security clearance.  Bell Aerospace became a major defense contractor after one of Ruth Paine's relatives, Arthur Young, invented the first commercial helicopter.  Paine's boss was former Nazi general and war criminal Walter Dornberger, brought to the States as part of Project Paperclip

So to recap: Oswald was associated with two groups when he returns to Dallas from New Orleans.  On one hand you have George de Mohrenschildt, the White Russians, and the Texas oilmen.  On the other, you have the blue-blood Paines, their ties to intelligence and defense agencies, and former Nazis.  In the middle is Oswald, who we are supposed to believe is a disaffected loner with Communist sympathies.  None of these groups seemed to care about Oswald's alleged Communism, and the fact that an engineer working on Top Secret Dept of Defense contracts was renting a room to a treasonous defector didn't raise any eyebrows either.

Overlapping threads:
  • Project Paperclip Nazis were spared from the trails at Nuremberg and elsewhere by Warren Commission member John J. McCloy in his role as High Commissioner of Germany.  Those not freed by McCloy were freed by Senator Joseph McCarthy.  McCarthy's right-hand man was Robert J. Morris, who lived in Dallas at the time of the assassination and was the host to Larrie Schmidt.
  • In 1956, George de Mohrenschildt was employed by Pantapec Oil Company, owned by William F. Buckley Sr., father of Jr., founder of the YAF.  At the time, the younger Buckley was working under E Howard Hunt in Mexico.
  • Robert J. Morris was on the board of the YAF, along with Senator John Tower.  It would be Tower who would personally waive the immigration restrictions for Marina Oswald to come to America.
  • One of Larrie Schmidt's first recruits to the CUSA cause was Warren Carroll, a former CIA agent.  Carroll was employed by George de Mohrenschildt's friend HL Hunt to write right-wing magazines, radio shows, and TV broadcasts.  There were copies of Carroll's magazines in Jack Ruby's car at the time of his arrest.
  • Bernard Weissman claims to have never met Jack Ruby, but he and Larrie Schmidt's plan involved purchasing a night club as a front for CUSA.  During conspiracy theorist Mark Lane's testimony (Vol II & V), Lane tells of second-hand information he received that Weissman had met with Jack Ruby, Officer JD Tippitt, and "an oil man" prior to the assassination.  This claim is repeated in How Kennedy Was Killed
  • Bernard Weissman lived on Beckley Street, the same one as Oswald at the time of the assassination. 
  • One of the men pointed to as being the backer behind the "Welcome to Dallas" ad was Nelson Bunker Hunt, friend of George de Mohrenschildt and son of HL Hunt.  Nelson Hunt's brother was Lamar Hunt, who met with Jack Ruby on 11/20/63.  Also meeting Lamar Hunt that day was ex-con Eugene Hale Brading/Braden, believed to have shot JFK from the Dal-Tex Building.  Brading (then going by Braden) was questioned by Dallas PD but released because they were unaware of his criminal past due to the name change. 
The War Council:
One of the most hotly-debated aspects of the Kennedy assassination is the party alleged to have taken place on November 21st at the home of Clint Murchison, Jr.  Murchison was the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and his father, Murchison Sr., had bank-rolled Senator Joseph McCarthy and was close friends with J. Edgar Hoover and HL Hunt.  The Murchisons and the Hunts were only one degree removed from Oswald through their relationship with de Mohrenshildt. 

Alleged to be in attendance at this party were Murchison, HL Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Hoover's partner Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy, George Brown (of Brown and Root), Jack Ruby, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon (Nixon was in Dallas during the week of the assassination).  The topic of discussion was the assassination of Kennedy and Hoover, as the leader of the plot, gave the go ahead to proceed as planned.

The source of this story is Madeline Duncan Brown, LBJ's mistress.  Mrs. Brown's credibility has been attacked on several points, but it is seldom mentioned that she wasn't the first person to claim this meeting took place.  Researcher Penn Jones Jr. provides all of the same details that Brown would decades later in his Forgive My Grief Vol III, published in 1969. 

It's worth noting that a similar meeting took place in Texas in 1972 at the home of John Connolly.  Within the following months, the death of J. Edgar Hoover, the attempted assassination of Governor George Wallace, and the Watergate break-in all took place.

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Out Come the Wolves: Modern Propaganda

News flash everyone!

It turns out that rampant corruption, corporate greed, endless war, and constant surveillance are not having any harmful effects on democracy!  It's us conspiracy theorists that are ruining it.  Or so says the BBC and Cambridge University professor "Sir" Richard Evans.  The BBC piece asks the hard-hitting question "Are conspiracy theories ruining democracy," the answer to which is "What are you, stupid or something?"  The author and Evans never offer up anything even remotely close to a justification for their statements, and they use the end of the article to make an argument AGAINST the government being open with its citizens.  Evans refers to conspiracy theorists as people who are "on the whole paranoid and crazy," which is the closest thing to a point that he makes: i.e. conspiracy theories are BAD because BAD people believe them.  I'm guessing that Sir Evans doesn't teach logic or Latin, because he seems ignorant of what ad hominem means. 

But all this is nothing new.  As I pointed out in my articles on Operation Mockingbird and the discussion of the upcoming JFK anniversary, the western media is as guilty as any conspirator, either through willful obfuscation of the truth or outright lying.  Take a look at CIA Document #1035-960 which was produced just after the Warren Commission Report was released.  The document is a guide for all CIA offices to help sell the official version of the assassination, with a list of talking points at the end.  I'll draw your attention to item 3b:

To employ propaganda assets to negate and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.

This has been the formula since 1964 and it is still in use today.  Actually, the CIA plan is a little bit nicer than the approach taken by many modern "journalists" who can't resist slipping in some variation of the word crazy into any article on someone who commits the unforgivable sin of not believing the government.

While I was writing this article, the shooting at LAX took place.  The gunman has been identified as 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, who reportedly has a history of mental problems and had threatened suicide as recently as earlier in the week.  By some bizarre coincidence, LAPD was actually at Ciancia's residence while the shooting took place.  They were doing a "welfare check" on him because they received word from his parents (via the NJ PD) that he may be suicidal.  Not much is known about the shooting/shooter at this early stage, but one wonders if the chief gives the plot away during this news conference. The looks on the faces of the men behind him give that impression.

Ciancia's mental instability is buried several paragraphs deep in any article on the subject, however.  The headlines regarding Mr. Ciancia are reporting that he wanted to kill "pigs and the TSA" and that he was "anti-government." It is now (at the time of this writing) surfacing that the note found on the shooter mentioned the NWO, or the New World Order.  The linked article states that the pamphlet also made reference to "racial minorities."  This makes the prime suspects the John Birch Society, or whatever neo-Conservative group has taken their place. 

As I mentioned in Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before, the JBS is one massive intelligence operation by the far right.  VISUP is doing a good series on the neo-fascists and the alleged Patriot Movement that you should read, but the short version of all this is that JBS/Posse Comitatus/The Tea Party/et al. are essentially the same "NWO" that they are trying to warn everyone about.  It only takes a small amount of digging to discover that they don't really mind big government or violations of Constitutional rights as long as they are the ones doing it. 

Other articles have made reference to Ciancia having "libertarian" views, so while we're on the topic, the Libertarians are a fascist intelligence front-group as well.  Since libertarianism is a hugely popular sub-group of Internet users, I'm sure half of my readers just stopped reading, but I'll go into more detail for the rest of you.  The US Libertarian Party was founded by David Nolan, who was a member of the Young Americans for Freedom in the 1960s.  The YAF was founded by William F. Buckley Jr., who was a CIA Agent.  Buckley is well-known as an arch-conservative, and was critical of both Nixon and Reagan for being "too liberal."  Buckley's National Review is a cornerstone of CIA propaganda and has long supplied the talking points for the far-far-right.  Buckley hasn't been too forthcoming about his CIA days, but his superior was E. Howard Hunt, Watergate plumber and the man who confessed to orchestrating the murder of JFK.  Hunt's specialty was overthrowing governments (Guatemala, the Bay of Pigs) so it isn't much of a stretch to assume that Buckley -- and by extension the YAF -- learned a thing or two from him. 

We'll come back to that issue later, but first back to the Libertarians: Even Libertarian Lew Rockwell admits that many of the people that shaped the views of Libertarianism were CIA employees.  A major plank in the Libertarian platform is getting rid of the CIA and FBI, but what they don't publicly state is that they still want these agencies, just privatized versions of them.  For people who hate the CIA so much, the Libertarians can't seem to get away from them.  Their 2008 Presidential candidate Bob Barr was a former CIA analyst

I'll pick up of the story of the YAF next time in the next chapter of JFK50.

Other News:
The NSA was apparently trying to steal whatever information they couldn't collect. 
This included trying to "hack" into Google and Yahoo to get their hands on their caches of user information.  This is over and above the information that the NSA "legally compels" the companies to turn over, and amounts to the most blatant violation of US law yet.  According to the article, Google is rushing to encrypt this data, which probably will slow the NSA down for a few hours, tops.

This article, like others, acts as if this is somehow a "new" thing, and that the NSA hasn't been spying on everyone since they were founded.  The Church Committee Report dedicated several hundred pages of Vol III to explaining how the government has intercepted almost all electronic communications (without a warrant) since the early 1940s.  So, like the other so-called revelations of the existence of Area 51 and the CIA's involvement in coups, this is old news.  Any reasonably well-informed person knew everything Edward Snowden has to say four decades ago, and the only thing I'm suspicious about is why this is being told now and for what purpose.   

Just as further proof that sometimes the gang gets up to their old tricks: We Are Change's Luke Rudowski was the victim of a "sneek & peek" job.  This is the second or third time this has happened to him.  Check the video out and see for yourself.